Beacon of Hope School Buildings Project


We build schools in very disadvantaged communities where the existing school buildings are dilapidated mud structures - unsafe and usually overcrowded. In some villages there are no schools at all, and children walk long distances to have access to education.

Our strategy is to work in partnership with the host community: To build with them - not to build for them.

The village donates the required land for the school site which will also accommodate a community art, craft and skill training centre. The host village will also provide labour, as well as wood and other locally sourced building material. We provide the architectural expertise, building materials, and on site supervision.

Each school will take 3 years for completion and would be built in 3 phases, working hand in hand with volunteers within the villages.

Every 3 years we will start a new school building in a disadvantaged community.

Beacon of Hope schools are ecological school buildings, constructed with much care and reducing environmental impact harnessing all the best that nature offers us.


Each school will have the capacity for 300 pupils, 50 preschoolers, 8 teaching staff, 2 classroom assistants, 2 resource/support teachers and 2 non-academic staff.

€14 will buy 2 sets of uniform for 1 child

€70 buys 10 sets of school uniforms

€200 buys text books for 10 children

€800 helps build school toilets

€1,300 helps install safe drinking water

€5000 helps build and equip classrooms


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